ColorMania 6.2.5782.32767

A tool for picking up the color of any specific pixel of your screen

If you are a designer, a web developer or a programmer, surely you have faced the need to identify a very specific color more than once. That's precisely what ColorMania helps you to achieve. You can use it to pick any specific pixel of your screen and its color code will automatically be identified under different standards such as HTML Hex, Visual Basic Hex, RGB, CMY, CMYK and others.

The program offers a compact user interface that is a bit cluttered of buttons and other controls, and it may take a while to learn the ropes of its usage. The first thing to do is to define the area of your screen you are interested in, for which you need to drag the "Grab Color" control (with an eyedropper icon) over it. Then you will see a copy of the selected area on small panel called the "screen magnifier" which, in turn, allows you to zoom your selection up to 20X. So, selecting a specific pixel doesn't pose any problem.

Next you can click anywhere on the mentioned panel and the program will automatically display the selected color with its RGB (Red, Green and Blue) values, as well as its hue, saturation and brightness values. You can now adjust any of them either by directly typing the values or by using the provided slider controls. Besides, you can invert your selection, pick a random color or launch the Windows default color picker to select a specific one. Yet another way to select a color is by using the "HTML Color" control which displays a list of the base color codes used in HTML (e.g. "LightGray"). Finally, once you are fully satisfied with your selection you can choose the standard for which you want to obtain the color code, and get it automatically copied onto your clipboard.

Considering this is a free tool, I would recommend anybody who frequently works with colors and color codes giving it a try. The program even allows you to keep a customized palette which can also be saved/loaded, and keeps a history of your picked/modified colors automatically.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Picks the color of any specific pixel of your screen
  • Magnifies your selected screen area up to 20X
  • Displays the red, green, blue, hue, saturation and brightness values for your selected pixel's color
  • Get the inverse color of your selected one
  • Integrates with Windows default color picker
  • Returns your selected color's code for different standards
  • Keeps a customized colors palette
  • Keeps a history of your picked and modified colors


  • Has a cluttered and hard-to-understand interface
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