ColorMania is a handy color code picker that can be used by anyone

ColorMania is a handy color picker that can be used by anyone, may they be web designers, application developers, graphic artists, or simple, casual users. Anyone who needs to quickly find the code (value) of a specific color will be able to do that easily using this neat application.

This tool is very simple, neat and lightweight. Its compact interface is also intuitive; therefore using ColorMania will always be a simple and easy job. Another important advantage of this tool, besides being easy-to-use, is the fact that it allows retrieving color codes in many different formats. It can retrieve the color value in the widely-used HTML format (both CSV and HEX), but also in other formats, such as the ones used by applications like Photoshop or programming languages like Borland Delphi, C++, or Visual Basic. RGB, HSV, CMYK or HLS values can also be retrieved.

There is also an onscreen color grabbing utility that lets you pick color values from anywhere on your screen. Last but not least, it allows creating, saving and managing color palettes. Considering it is also free, I can only recommend this tool with all my heart. It undeniably proves to be one of the handiest color picking apps the one may find.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple, neat and lightweight
  • Supports many color code formats
  • Supports palette management functions
  • Includes an onscreen color grabber


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